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Copyright 2003  Shanna O'Brien
Produced by Terry Cano

And thank you for dropping in!  My "Timeless" CD is available and
I'm thrilled with the results!   You can listen to a few songs from the
CD by clicking on the titles below.  

You Found Me
2.  That's What You've Done For Me
3.  Walk In the Rain
4.  Our Love is All Right     
All songs Copyright 2003 Shanna O'Brien
Produced by Terry Cano

The CD is now for sale and you can order a copy by clicking on the
"Buy Now" button below.   This project is the result of never giving
up on a dream, no matter what!  It is music to relax by and I hope
with all my heart that you enjoy it.  Please let me know.

Musically yours,

Blue Butterfly Art Gallery

Check out a few of the paintings I've created over the
years.  Someday I plan to make prints of some of my favorites.  
Let me know if you would be interested.

Bird & Bear Music Studios

Bird and Bear Music Studios was founded by Shanna O'Brien and Terry Cano
in 2000.   Listen to an example of the quality of our production by clicking on   
the music button.

                  "You Found Me"
                 Copyright 2003 Shanna O'Brien
                      Produced by Terry Cano
Shanna O'Brien