Shanna "Songbird" O'Brien has been singing since a young girl.  She
    was a featured soloist in her church choir  and her family and friends
    would insist that she sing at functions and gatherings. Her wonderfully
    rich tone has always been "music to the ears."

    Shanna's influences are traditional folk music as well as Elvis, Bob
    Dylan, The Beatles, Annie Lennox,  Ella Fitzgerald and many more.  

    The '80's found her living in the Bay Area playing her guitar and original
    songs at the Sleeping Lady Café in Fairfax, The Resh House in Mill
    Valley and many of Marin's music festivals.  During this period she
    studied voice with the renowned vocal coach, Judy Davis, located in

    Eventually she recorded sessions with the "master synthesist,"
    Patrick Gleeson as well as Michael Cotten and Prairie Prince from The
    Tubes, Greg Douglass, former guitarist with the Steve Miller Band and
    Cory Lerios of Pablo Cruise.  Greg Douglass agreed to be featured on
    her  album of original music entitled "Timeless."   In the '80's she also
    opened for Journey at the Old Waldorf and went on to have her own
    show at the MGM Grand in Reno as well as at the Mandarin Hotel in
    Singapore.  (Some of you who might want to check on these references
    should know that at that time Shanna was known as Sandy Welch.)

    During the 90's, Shanna's path took a turn away from a music career
    and into film distribution as well as painting and caring for a loved one
    who became ill.  She worked for Medallion TV  Enterprises on Sunset
    Boulevard in West Hollywood for 10 years and was appointed president
    of the company after her boss passed away in Cannes, France while
    they were attending an international film convention.  

    Throughout these trying years, Shanna continued to write songs and
    play her guitar for friends in her living room.   She calls it a stroke of
    "divine intervention" that in the year 2000 she teamed up with veteran
    musician / producer Terry "Bear" Cano and she credits "Bear" for
    helping her, to once again, pursue her musical aspirations.  Her
    "Timeless" CD is ready for purchase!

Artist Profile
Shanna O'Brien